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Please meet John Farquhar, Risk Solutions Specialist.

John has had an extensive and extraordinary career in the transportation and insurance industries over the past 30-plus years. He has seen many changes on both sides of the desk, which gave him the opportunity to start his own company conducting comprehensive risk evaluations. This hands-on assistance to clients will help them in developing, improving and enhancing their risk management programs and practices. 

John started his career in the 80s as a driver, before making the first big step of owning his own truck. He eventually owned several trucks and managed the safety of their drivers and equipment. He then took on the adventure of owning his own company, which specialized in over-dimensional cargo on open-deck trailers throughout North America.

In 2003 John stepped out of the trucking owner role and moved over to risk management, providing consulting services for several trucking clients. It was not long before he was recruited by a global insurer, where he helped to strengthen risk services training programs and risk evaluation processes. He managed a team of highly qualified risk specialists across Canada, along with a national portfolio of transportation clients. 

In 2013 John was offered the opportunity of a lifetime: to work with a long-time and well-known Canadian insurer in developing and building a unique and specialized transportation product from the ground up. John was instrumental in developing and delivering the customized and comprehensive risk evaluation process. He was also responsible for recruiting, mentoring and leading an elite team of risk solutions specialists that conducted the comprehensive risk evaluations. John and his team were tasked with developing unique client support tools for tracking and analyzing violations, losses and trends, as well as creating a one-of-a-kind mentoring and training curriculum for client staff and drivers. 

This new chapter in John's career sees him continuing to share his knowledge and expertise with transportation companies to enhance and improve their risk management programs and practices. 

Those who know John will agree he enjoys adding a touch of humour to his work. Whether he’s working on a project with colleagues or holding a risk evaluation meeting with a client, he will always include humour to help with the learning process.


 "He who laughs most, learns best." John Cleese



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