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John joins Derrick Williams on The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast where they chat about John's history and Risk Management. 

The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast with John Farquhar

The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast July 19, 2022 - Derrick Williams

No conversation about safety would be complete without a look at how we pay our drivers. Yet pay and safety are rarely mentioned in the same sentence. Many stakeholders, including myself, believe the pay-per-mile model favored by 90% of highway carriers contributes to declining safety on the road.

It’s time to end pay by the mile

Truck News July 8, 2022 - Mike McCarron

A bird in the hand is said to be worth two in the bush, but two birds in a bush might be even more valuable if you can get them to work for you. Consider fleets that are realizing the benefits to offering part-time flexible work to drivers who don’t want full-time positions. Two part-timers can be even more productive than one full-timer.

Fleets filling seats with flexible work for truck drivers

Truck News July 4, 2022 - Jim Park

“By building a safety program with the best training programs, policies, and technologies we saw our companies using, we improved the efficiency and effectiveness of our programs which has resulted in fewer driver-related incidents.”

Case study: How KTG fleet stays focused on safety

FleetOwner July 1, 2022 - FleetOwner Staff

The trucking industry is notorious for having high driver turnover rates, often above 100%. However, those fleets that reduce driver turnover have enjoyed benefits such as improved safety records, reduced recruiting costs, and lower insurance claims.

6 ways to lower driver turnover

Truck News June 29, 2022 - James Menzies

For too long, drivers have carried an excessive burden when load-to-truck ratios decrease, when poor scheduling leads to poor velocity on loads, or when shippers and receivers tie them up for hours waiting to get loaded/unloaded. With the shift to hourly and salary pay, drivers are no longer expected to absorb all these inefficiencies. In addition to this leading to happier drivers with better retention, I’m sure it also leads to carriers who are much more productive now that they are carrying more of the cost of inefficiencies.

Trucking is changing. Are you adapting?

CCJ Digital April 8, 2022 - Richard Stocking

The low driver retention rates that are prevalent in the trucking industry are nothing more than a business challenge gone unchecked.

Make driver retention a priority

Truck News August 20, 2021 - Ray Haight

Are you a need or want person ? Suppose you strip it down and look at the famed psychologist Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. In that case, you start with food and shelter, then move up the pyramid to things related to safety and security, then onto belonging, esteem, and finally self-actualization.

Are you fulfilling drivers’ wants and needs?

Truck News June 15, 2021 - Ray Haight

There is no one I know who goes to work and tries to fail. There are, however, a lot of people that trucking companies set up to fail, starting with their new drivers and their margin generators, the dispatchers.

Don’t sacrifice relationships in pursuit of growth

Truck News March 16, 2021 - Ray Haight

It starts at the top, are business owners “bosses” or “leaders.” A leader will empower others to make decisions and affect change within the company, where a boss feels the need to control all aspects of the business.

5 reasons drivers will work for you, and how to keep them

Truck News February 17, 2021 - James Menzies

John joins Matthew and Karandeep on the Launch It Podcast to chat about safety and what you can do to minimize and manage some of the associated risks. 

John Farquhar and the Importance of Safety

Launch It Podcast February 10, 2021

Would you like to improve driver morale ?   Would you like to reduce your turnover and improve the retention of your drivers ? 

Maybe it's time to rethink how you use your ELD and implement an improved pay structure. 

The new drivers of today do not understand mileage based pay. It's time to move on from an archaic pay structure.

Fleets taking steps to advance time-based driver pay

CCJ Digital January 12, 2021 - Aaron Huff 

Finding the Right Carrier as a Driver with John Farquhar and Bruce Outridge of The Lead Pedal Podcast

Handling Safety and Risk                            Evaluating the Safety of a Carrier

The Lead Pedal Podcast January 6, 2021 - Bruce Outridge

The bottom line is that no one goes to work in the morning and tries to fail. People want to be successful. It’s in our nature, and if you believe that, what is your company doing to help people succeed?

Reduce driver turnover by laying out expectations

Truck News September 21, 2020 - Ray Haight

Hiring the right drivers, supporting them with technology, and keeping them healthy are three winning strategies when it comes to operating a safe fleet.

Training, technology and driver health keys to fleet safety

Truck News August 5, 2020 - James Menzies

Developing a company culture that focuses on safety and your drivers themselves should be a top priority for all carriers, regardless of size.

What causes — and prevents — truck crashes? Fleets answer FMCSA’s question: ‘What’s working?’

 CCJ Digital August 6, 2020 - Matt Cole


If any fleet manager has the assumption that the police, or the coroner, or the insurance company, or workers’ compensation will look after their interests, he has to give his head a shake. Each stakeholder will focus on collecting the crash details to address specific needs. Once those needs are met, the investigations stop.

Focus post-collision investigations on ‘why’ rather than ‘what happened’

Truck News July 11, 2022 - John G. Smith

Many fleet managers falsely believe that, if they don’t aggregate and analyze data, they are immune from being preyed upon by legal plaintiffs. The thinking is, if they don’t self identify vulnerabilities, such vulnerabilities won’t be discovered during a lawsuit.   They’re wrong to believe “it won’t be revealed”. What they don’t know can still hurt them.

Plaintiff attorneys are coming for your fleet data

Truck News April 19, 2022 - Doug Marcello

Insurance costs are burdening the trucking industry. In response, you need to take a holistic approach that focuses on “total risk cost” by controlling what is within your control. One of my grandmother’s favorite sayings was, “The Lord helps those that help themselves.” That truism applies to trucking-related risk.

Take a holistic approach to reducing insurance costs

Truck News April 4, 2022 - Doug Marcello

When accidents and risky driving events happen, safety managers spring into action. Sometimes their actions are as simple as assigning an online training course to a driver, or conducting a coaching session.

Are you defensible? Experts say these steps can prevent legal risks

CCJ Digital September 09, 2021 - Aaron Huff

Accidents can happen and cargo claims are likely inevitable, but what can your company and drivers do after an incident ?

Prepare to respond to accident and cargo claims

Truck News May 4, 2021 - Kim E. Stoll

Don't create evidence against yourself. Think before you write post-accident, during hiring, and even those messages to drivers on the road. Don't try to be funny or write in anger. Stick to the facts and be constructive.

Think before you write

Transport Centre April 15, 2021 - Doug Marcello

A major failing in trucking “defense” is that it is seen as synonymous with “defensive”. Too often trucking companies and their insurers hunker down after the accident, waiting for the billboard attorney to make their move. Worse yet, even after receiving the letter of representation, they sit by idly waiting for the plaintiff to dictate the time and place of the action. Because too many see “defense” as meaning “defensive”. Enough! 

Marcello & Kivisto, LLC. July 6, 2021 - Doug Marcello 

After an accident, your best defense is to BE QUIET. What you DON'T say won't hurt you.

Best Driver Defense? Be Quiet! 

Transport Centre April 15, 2021 - Doug Marcello

The person who takes “the call” and speaks with your driver following an incident can determine the fate of your case. What they document and the guidance they give can be defining.

Preparing for the dreaded call

Truck News March 16, 2021 - Doug Marcello

The value of the outcome could be less about economics and more about injury or fatality and the desire to make an example of a company and their driver, who may not have been the person at fault for the collision.

Are You Prepared ?

Summit Risk Solutions December 10, 2020 - John Farquhar

The Safety Dawg and John meet for a coffee and chat about Bills of Lading. Do you have controls in place to thoroughly understand your responsibilities ? Are you able to confidently say you and your customers are protected in the event of a cargo claim ?

Bills Of Lading and Your Hidden Landmines

Safety Dawg August 14, 2020 - Chris Harris

The following are situations where carriers might find themselves exposed to liability in excess of the $2-per-pound limitation, perhaps blindly so:

8 ways your bill of lading can fail to limit liability

Truck News July 31, 2020 - Alan S. Cofman, Fenandes Hearn LLP


Many fleets are seeing insurance premiums soar but to prevent that, it’s time to get to know your underwriter and to involve them in improving your weaknesses. Too often, trucking companies will choose an insurer based on price alone, with little familiarity with the company behind the coverage.

Why it’s time to cozy up to your insurer

 Truck News October 22, 2021 - James Menzies

This week your hosts Rico Muhammad and Chuck Snow are going to be discussing what your Insurance provider expects from you as a motor carrier pertaining to your safety policies, procedures, and best practices. In order to obtain the best insight into these things we have invited John Farquhar, founder of Summit Risk Solutions to join us as our special guest.  

Rates and Lanes Weekly Podcast

Rates and Lanes Podcast September 28, 2021 - Rico Muhammad & Chuck Snow

Every business leader knows they should expect the unexpected, especially in today’s unpredictable world. However, when it comes to risk exposures no business should be caught by surprise. To be truly prepared, organizations should evaluate and reevaluate potential threats to their business by having their insurer conduct risk assessments.

The value of risks assessments

Canadian Underwriter May 11, 2021 - Sovereign Insurance

The road ahead is rocky for truckers and the organizations that insure them. Please join our panel of experts as we discuss what motor carriers can do to win during this unprecedented insurance crisis.

Motor Carrier Self Defense

Accident Plan March 10, 2021 - Brendan Dawson

Canada’s trucking industry continues to face rising insurance costs as global insurers back away from the business segment – and cross-border carriers may face some of the biggest challenges of all.

‘Hard market’ continues to drive truck insurance costs higher

Truck News October 2, 2020 - John G. Smith

Insurance premiums continue to push higher, driven up by everything from massive legal verdicts to the increasing price of collision repairs, but there are still things fleets can do to keep the costs under control.

Battle rising insurance costs with data and safety cultures

Truck News September 11, 2020 - John G Smith

A newly released report from the American Transportation Research Institute reveals that nuclear verdicts against trucking companies are increasing dramatically.

ATRI documents the scale of nuclear verdicts in trucking

FleetOwner June 29, 2020 - FleetOwner Staff 

Trucking insurance rates typically depend on crash prevention, risk mitigation and a company's safety culture. Recently, however, nuclear verdicts and litigation funding initiatives have created a toxic environment for the trucking insurance industry.

Trucking insurance rate trends continue in the wrong direction

FleetOwner June 29, 2020 - Cristina Commendatore 

Beware and prepare.  Tractor-trailer insurance rates saw an uptick this year, brought on by a rise in truck crashes and massive settlements and judgements.

Rise in truck crashes, large payouts, expected to boost insurance renewal rates this year

CCJ Digital January 2020 - Tom Quimby|


Proper Policies and Protocols: A Motor Carrier's Actions Before An Accident.  We as an industry can build a our team, tell our good story, and avoid the pitfalls that create nuclear verdicts. 

Proper Policies and Protocols

Carr Allison December 2021 - Pamela Springrose Hallford

The federal government is aware of at least 40 businesses that are misclassifying employed truck drivers as independent contractors in a business model known as Driver Inc.  Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) plans to apply Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs) in the new year, using new legislative powers that include the fines and the ability to publicly name employers that don’t comply with the rules.

Feds know of 40 Driver Inc. fleets, penalties coming

Truck News December 16, 2021 - John G. Smith

Plaintiff attorneys are getting better each day at repeating a formula that successfully paints the motor carrier as a big bad corporation with no regard for human safety. Learn their “reptilian theory” and how to successfully defend against it.

How You Can Prevent a Nuclear Verdict

Avatar Fleet March 24, 2021 - Panel Webinar

Runaway nuclear verdicts are a reality now, but a leading transportation safety and law expert believes fleets could avert mega awards by enforcing a strict safety protocol.

Law expert: Focus on safety to avert nuclear verdicts

Trucknews June 29, 2020 - Abdul Latheef


Reid Spitz, co-founder and head of operations at HDVI, shares how incorporating a variety of technologies can showcase a fleet’s dedication to safety and possibly ensure a better insurance policy.

How technology can impact a fleet’s insurance policy

FleetOwner April 12, 2022 - Catherine Conway

By adopting available technologies, fleets can provide underwriters with factual data to back up their safety protocols that will better protect themselves and their drivers on the road and in the courtroom.

The marriage between fleets and insurance providers

FleetOwner November 1, 2021 - Catharine Conway

As with most things in trucking, even how we coach drivers has been transformed by technology. Computer-generated driver scorecards allow fleets to identify drivers who are at the greatest risk of being involved in a wreck, and to coach them on fixing risky behaviors before it’s too late.

Can a computerized in-cab coach make you a better driver?

Truck News September 01, 2021 - James Menzies

Technology creates data, and Moseley said carriers will be held accountable for knowing what the data says and reacting to it – even if you don't.  "Every time there's another bell or whistle on the truck, there's more data created," he said, adding that data collection systems include the truck's electronic control module (ECM), collision avoidance, roll stability, event recorders, and electronic log, among others. Moseley noted that on a recent accident investigation, he watched as an expert investigator plugged into seven different locations on the truck to retrieve data. 

Watch, coach & delete: Using data to fight off accident verdicts

CCJ Digital August 25, 2021 - Jason Cannon

The potential to protect drivers and pedestrians cannot be understated. Telematics solutions when implemented with driver safety education, accountability and disciplinary action for negligent drivers will prevent the tragic loss of life more effectively than even the harshest nuclear verdicts because they are based on proactive and predictive analytics. 

Telematics offers hope in an era of nuclear verdicts

CCJ Digital December 1, 2020 - Marco Encinas

They’re called automatic slack adjusters for a reason, and the manufacturers that make them want to keep it that way.

Misdiagnosis and manual adjustment still a problem with auto slack adjusters

CCJ Digital November 26, 2020 - Tom Quimby

The most effective way fleets can control their insurance costs in a hard market is to leverage telematics to drive out risky driving behaviors. 

Telematics can help control rising insurance costs

Truck News November 19, 2020 - James Menzies

If your fleet's telematics ends with the ELD, you're missing out on other opportunities to improve performance. 

5 Tips for Telematics Training

Truck News November 16, 2020 - James Menzies

It’s no secret that insurance premiums are one of the main operational costs of carriers. By maximizing your use of ISAAC telematics and telemetry data, you can reduce your costs. In this presentation, discover the advice of insurance experts who will help you take advantage of ISAAC’s solution to lower your premiums.

Reduce Your Insurance Costs Thanks to Your Telematics Solution

Isaac Instruments User Conference September 14, 2020 - Webinar

Insurance premiums are among the main operational costs of carriers. This article discusses how telematics and telemetry data help lower costs while promoting safety across carrier fleets.

How Telematics Can Help Reduce Insurance Premiums and Promote Safety

Isaac Instruments September 14, 2020

Combining the right technology with the right driver incentives enables fleets to customize their safety programs to boost engagement, increase driver retention and reduce risk.

Engage Drivers with an Effective Safety Strategy

Fleet Owner September 14, 2020 - Webinar

Everyone has been forced to use technology in new ways in 2020. Some companies are adopting new systems while others are seeking out new ways to use what they already have. Video telematics is known for its ability provide near real-time insight.

Take advantage of expanded use cases for video technology

Fleet Owner September 9th, 2020 - Webinar

Advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) technology still requires a good driver, but the technologies can help a good driver be an even better driver.

Experienced drivers are benefiting from more widespread ADAS adoption

Fleet Owner August 11, 2020 - Josh Fisher


There are a zillion reasons to improve trucking’s drive-training system, if it can actually be called a “system” at all. It can’t. One of those reasons may not be obvious, but I’m convinced it’s real. That’s retention, and I think proper training is an almost surefire way to keep people at the wheel.

Driver training and retention are connected

Truck News July 4, 2022 - Rolf Lockwood

Fleets need to make the job of truck driver more attractive—or even the best recruiting efforts will go to waste. While apprenticeships are another tool in the trucking industry’s driver recruitment and training toolkit, they’re just a patch for the driver turnover leak. Fleets would be better served by first making the position more accommodating. 

Driver apprenticeships prove effective, but ...

FleetOwner April 1, 2022 - Kevin Jones

Driver compliance is critical to the success of any fleet program. A corporate safety program will not succeed without driver engagement. Likewise, cost-cutting and sustainability initiatives are similarly doomed if drivers are not engaged. For instance, the way employees drive company-assigned vehicles can improve (or decrease) safety, fuel economy, and reduce (or increase) emissions.

Driver Engagement & Cross-Department Collaboration

Automotive-Fleet May 4, 2021 - Mike Antich

I suppose some drivers and fleets think that driving above posted speed limits will get them to their destination quicker and perhaps allow for an extra delivery during the driver’s legal hours of service. That may be true, but the question that needs to be answered is at what cost ?

There is no upside to speeding

Fleet Owner April 27, 2021 -  Joseph Evangelist

What is the true cost of hiring truck drivers? When you are recruiting are you capturing all of the costs in hiring truck drivers?

True Cost Of Hiring Truck Drivers with Randy Badiuk and John Farquhar

Safety Dawg March 26, 2021 - Chris Harris

Efficient cost management means not spending money that does not need to be spent. In hiring drivers, it is necessary to spend money to place ads, hire recruitment services, screen candidates, and then train and orient the new drivers.

Measuring the true cost of recruitment

Truck News March 11, 2021 - Ray Haight

A trucking company can generally trace its success or struggles with driver retention right back to the hiring process.

Controlling driving turnover begins with the hiring process

Truck News March 5, 2021 - James Menzies

Are Truck Driver Road Tests Required & Should I Use A Dash Cam ?

Randy Badiuk and John Farquhar join Chris Harris to talk about Road Testing and Dash Cams.

Safety Dawg February 26, 2021 - Chris Harris

When the topic of driver fatigue comes up, National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) Senior Crash Investigator Mike Fox has some tough stories to tell about drivers and the carriers they work for failing to have an effective fatigue plan in place to prevent deadly and costly accidents.

NTSB details how Walmart addressed driver fatigue after Tracy Morgan crash — and how other fleets can follow suit

CCJ Digital October 30, 2020 - Tom Quimby

He likens it to an NFL team that analyzes every play in the video room after a game in the pursuit of continuous improvement. “It makes you aware if you’re slipping into bad habits. It’s a coaching device that kind of keeps me in check. We all develop bad habits,”

Implementing an effective driver coaching program

Truck News October 26, 2020 - James Menzies

Stuck trucks, lost trucks, collapsed bridges, mad homeowners, costly tickets and downtime. No carrier wants the embarrassing headlines caused by truckers following GPS navigation into areas where Class 8 trucks simply don’t belong.

Don’t be the next carrier in the headlines for a bridge collapse — Here’s how to minimize risks of GPS routing

CCJ Digital October 16, 2020 - Tom Quimby

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