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Transportation Providers

Insurance coverage is compulsory for any fleet operation, and keeping your insurance partners happy as well as comfortable with how you manage your operation is crucial. Today, insurance providers are looking more diligently at your fleet's safety and risk management practices to help them decide the right price to charge or whether they should even provide coverage at all. 

Summit Risk Solutions has extensive knowledge in complex risk. We are the perfect partner for fleets of all kinds, to help you better understand the risks associated with your operation. Our complex risk evaluation will give you a comprehensive report on various components through an objective benchmarking process, measured against industry best practices. Our process includes customized risk management recommendations and solutions for your operation through a structured and detailed action plan, which recognizes and addresses any shortcomings we may discover. After completing our risk evaluation, we are able to continue supporting your company with on-site services and assistance to develop, improve and enhance your risk management programs and practices. 


"You can't manage what you don't measure."